For Donors

ISCE seeks donations from Indian and Foreign entities for setting up and running of CEM and CEA. For Foreign donations, donor-specific Prior Permissions will be sought from Ministry of Home Affairs, FCRA section.

Promoting Employment enhancing Vocational Skills being part of Section VII of the Companies Act 2013, donations will qualify for CSR spend. Also, Application is being made for eligibility of 80G benefit.

Interested organizations may choose to donate in any of the following options:

  • Donating Rs 2 crores to the corpus will entitle the organization for permanent representation on the Board of Directors
  • Donating Rs 1 crore to the corpus will entitle the organization for representation by rotation on the Board of Directors
  • Alternatively, some of the important building areas can be named after the donating organizations – eg., Convocation hall, lecture halls, laboratories, workshop, etc. – please contact us for details
  • Offering scholarships to CEM students @ Rs 50,000 per student per year
  • We are also open to other suggestions…


Job Assistance by Swiss Companies along with Training.

Support from Agricultural Machinery Companies

Media Gallery


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